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Cell Phone GPS Tracking System Promising Enough?

cell phone GPS LocationEvery cell phone is required, or less perhaps has to have a GPS tracking system in it. This isn’t a rule, but more of a common thing. Cell phone needs to have tracking ability, that’s why they’re able to contact to the nearest cell phone tower, and this is how in times of need one gets signal boosted up! We all are well aware about it, and know that every cell phone has an inbuilt GPS device. Cell phone carriers use this potential device to track and map the cell phone’s location, and thanks to this technology, people use it in their day to day life.

What Is Cell Phone GPS Tracking System?

What started out as a military project, has now changed the way people use their cell phones. We use the GPS tracking system majorly for two things; navigation and position. This is made extremely easy because of cell phone, since it uses signals to determine its position and then use navigation to make route. For instance, if you get astray from your trekking route, you can use your cell phone to use the tracking ability of it to lead yourself out to a secure place. The system just keeps on getting better and better with the advancing technology and the incorporation in smartphones.

How Is Cell Phone GPS Tracking System Beneficial?

Cell Phone GPS tracking system isn’t a small thing! With time, it has evolved into a full-fledge system that helps with the gps tracking but at the same time, it has a lot more to offer. There are many free apps available online that uses this GPS tracking system to make the whole experience more and more simplified and easy to use.

  • You can determine your current location.

  • You can check out the nearest place.

  • You can find routes to the destination using the GPS location and navigation option.

  • You can check the distance between your current position and place of destination.

  • You can check the weather prediction using GPS.

  • You can track your cell phone using GPS tracking system.

It is totally new concept when it comes to using GPS tracking system to monitor people you want to, of course secret surveillance people do use gps to keep an eye on their targets. But as said, this technology has come down to the hands of civilians, and yes with the help of certain applications you can monitor your loved ones easily.

Mobile phone GPS monitoring applications let you to locate and monitor where your target cell phone user goes, i.e. wherever the cell phone goes you get full detail about its location. So if you want to make sure that you know that your kids are out , then having this app on their phone will definitely help you to know where exactly they are! Their location will be continuously monitored and will get updated simultaneously, therefore you won’t have to worry anymore.

Could iOS 7 Track Your Location ?

ios 7 Location trackingApple is yet to release iOS 7, a new operating system for iPhone. But we heard from a little birdie, that there might be some extra powerful features along with the dominant one’s. We believe that this new feature might record and maintain a file that has the list of all places the user has visited. In short, this feature might take over and store the locations that the user visits, and the information might get displayed in some sort of map. Anyhow, there’s not just one thing, but many that might be disliked by iPhone users.

Back in 2011, Apple already had paid $946 to settle down the Location gate issue. The issue was massive, as the customers detested the idea of being tracked down unnecessarily, and hence Apple was sued and they had to pay for the breach of confidentiality. However, coming back to the present day, we somehow believe that Apple might use this concept again in their new Operating system, i.e. iOS 7. This time we believe, that Apple will integrate their old idea, and use it in brand new way, but with privacy enrolled in it.

Location tracking concept by Apple might not be new, but they certainly must have an idea to use the location tracking scheme to bring along the business, just how the companies use the collected data to target the customers. It’s like luring bees to honey. We assume that the thought of being tracked might scare many users, and some might not even upgrade to this iOS, but in a peculiar way it is quite good, since the collected data might help the user itself to locate other nearby areas.ios 7 Tracker

Nonetheless, we haven’t heard from Apple so far, and still consider the fact that even if this feature gets launched with iOS, it might be for the consumers only rather than the company’s use. On the contrary, when it comes to tagging the places one visits on sites such as Facebook , people seem more than happy. These tagging services are pretty much the ‘it’ thing, that not only lets the user project their presence at a particular place, but this information gets processed in a way that the user can get location based assistance, such as finding nearby places, food places etc.

In case this feature gets launched, then we hope that this feature is adept to disable this service, and most probably should have privacy options as well. We’re still keeping our fingers crossed, as we are yet to know about any such thing. Moving ahead, Apple has still improved and brought back an advanced version, that not only incorporates the old features, but new also, in short a revamped iOS that gives mobile phone experience a totally new perspective.

How To : Track Your Missing Mobile Phone

stolen cell phoneCell phones are an indispensable part of one’s life these days. It’s like lifeline for people, and one simply doesn’t leave the home without carrying their cell phone. It can be quite annoying if one loses their cell phone, or if it is stolen. The results can be discouraging, especially the thought of a stranger going through their cell phone is devastating itself. If you lose your cell phone, or doubt that it might be stolen, then first of all keep calm, and don’t worry, just try to calm yourself and start recalling when and where you used your cell phone last time.

Keep Calm :-

First thing to do is to keep yourself calm and composed. Losing your mind isn’t going to help you track your lost or stolen mobile phone. The important part here is to make sure you try to recall and think when and where you used your cell phone the last time. Also try to find it in places such as your car, your bag, bed covers, your drawers, or any other place where you could have left it.

Contact Your Own Cell Phone :-

Secondly, the most important thing to is to ring your own cell phone. Doing so will help you listen if its nearby, other than that, this will also help you to trace your phone especially if somebody answers it. This way, you’ll have a worthy chance to hunt your mobile phone. Similarly if you can’t track down your phone on basic of ringing it, try leaving a text on it with your contact details, so that whosoever finds it might contact you.

Annul Your Service by Contacting Service Provider :-

If you’re not able to do any of the above steps, the next safe thing is to call your service providers to annul your sim. This way, you’ll prevent your sim to be misused, especially if you fear that it has been stolen from you, and could be in wrong hands. Doing this will also enable you to make sure that neither the cell phone nor the sim gets used in an inaccurate way.

Track Down Your Phone Using GPS :-

If your phone has inbuilt GPS device, and if there has been an application installed on it to monitor it, then you can ePhone GPS Locationasily track gps location of a cell phone by using that application. There are various cell phone monitoring software’s, that can be pre-installed the phones for any sort of monitoring purposes. This software not only tracks down the mobile gps location, but also tracks down various other activities of the phone, and all the recorded information can easily be viewed in the user member area.

Cell Phone tracking spyware such as Spymasterpro.com can be put to use in such a case, where it will effectively record the locations of your cell phone, but it will also keep a proper record of other things such as Call Tracking, SMS Tracking, Email Tracking, Multimedia Tracking, Instant messaging tracking etc.

How Is GPS Location Tracking Made Possible via Cell Tracking Software ?

gps location of a cell phoneGPS tracking is all over the place, everybody is using this service in their daily life via their smartphones. For instance, people tag themselves along with their location on Facebook. Similarly, there are so many ways people use the GPS location service. How is GPS tracking provided to the normal people ?? GPS technology is accommodated by the in-built GPS devices, along with a service application, that can be an interface between the actual application and the user.

Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, or Bing maps are some of the best web mapping application available for the GPS services. Google Maps is by far the most used web mapping application, that even various websites use it to display the content. The maps get embedded on the applications via the Google Maps API.

Lets Focus on The What Google Maps Does :-


  • Street Maps : It lets the user explore the places in a 360 degree views, in .

  • Route Planner : Gives detailed pre-planned directions to the destination depending on the user’s conveyance, such as foot, car, bike, public transport etc. Retrieve the details in 3D.

  • Aerial View : Shows the satellite view of the locations all over the world in a high resolution Aerial scene.

These are just a few of the things a user can do through Google Maps. But such a mapping service is extensively applied in the Spying Software’s, or GPS Tracking Software. There are a wide number of cell phone tracking softwares, which target GPS Tracking as one of their prime feature, simply because all the major phones come with inbuilt GPS trackers, therefore planting a software in cell phone can easily help in accomplishing the tracking feature.

So How is GPS Tracking Made Possible ??


  • A cell phone tracker software when installed effectively in a phone, will start recording the GPS locations.

  • All the location details, will be uploaded to the secure servers.

  • The secure servers will process the coordinates provided by the software.

  • The processed information gets supplied to the spying user’s account.

  • The user views the GPS information in form of maps, and is provided with the address etc.

This is a general concept for the users to understand how GPS tracking is used to provide the geo position details of the monitored cell phones.

GPS Tracking Now Helpful in Tracing Your Spouse !!

GPS Phone TrackerThose days have gone by, when one constantly use to worry about the whereabouts of their loved ones. This was usually tricky for wives, when their husbands used to come late night without any prior intimation. The same was the case for husbands. The reasons for doubt and worries might be same or different for every couple, but the speculations always led to divorce or break ups !! Tracking your spouse might be an easy way to get rid of all the doubts that creep in your mind, however tracking always might not set you free, but it will certainly provide you with the best details you needed for the time being.

There are various software’s available for tracking your Spouse’s GPS location, and this is made possible because of the inbuilt GPS devices in the Smartphone’s these days. Just installing one spying software in their cell phones will give you all the information you require for tracing your spouse’s location.

GPS Tracking Software Normally Will Help You With the Following :-

  1. Current GPS location

  2. Current GPS travel route

  3. Visited Places

Other than these facilities, the same software also will be able to lead you to other details such as :-

  1. Call details

  2. SMS details

  3. Email details

  4. Contact details

  5. IM details and chats

  6. Call Listening

  7. Surround listening

  8. Web browsing history

These software’s are highly beneficial in tracking your spouse’s GPS location, and this is not just applicable for just spouse’s, one can even track the location of their employees or even the kids. The spywares is easily available online, and can be purchased without any disruption. Also the spyware can be easily installed over the concerned phone.

My Phone Has GPS : What Is It ??

Cell Phone GPS TrackingIn today’s age almost all the phones come with built in GPS receivers, hence it is easy to stay connected and get information about your surroundings. We all are fascinated by the fiction shows where the CSI’s track a particular person by their cell phone locations, yes that is how it is done basically. GPS, which Global positioning system, the idea was conceived and used during the World war 2 for military purpose. But slowly, and gradually with the advancement of technology, GPS was provided for the normal people too. And now nearly everybody owns a phone that has GPS.

GPS must have evolved over the years, but it is fairly a new concept to layman. However, they do understand what it means, i.e. it helps in locating one’s position. The positioning is determined by approximately 4 satellites, and it doesn’t matters if you have a GPS device or a mobile phone, you’re position will be determined if the device is able to send and receive signals.

Nowadays, GPS has become a staple in our life. Be it tagging yourself with friends on Facebook, or sending your location via Whatsapp. It can be found easily over the phones, in our laptops, in our cars. It even generates our location in 3d, guide us through our directions, route and help in navigation. It has even helped in tracking lost people (err.. somehow, if they were lucky enough ! ) , trace lost phones, obviously track criminals and the list goes on. GPS is functional everywhere now.

Take a Look at How GPS Can Be Helpful To You in Your Daily Life :-

  1. If you are lost,  your mobile phone can help in routing you to the nearest safe     position, just consider yourself fortunate if your phone gets full signal.

  2. You can calculate the distance between your starting point and destination.

  3. If you are having hunger pangs, it will help you in finding the nearest KFC.

  4. It can fetch the current weather conditions.

  5. This technology can provide you directions, and especially in emergency stipulations when one might need 911 help.

  6. You do not need to carry a separate map while driving to unfamiliar places, GPS will  provide you with the maps that has accurate information stored.

cell phone GPS TrackingHowever, mind you, this technology can be severely used against you, or lets say against people who really pose a threat to our society or better yet our Country. As GPS was military’s idea, it is still very much used by them for various purposes, even our other defense areas use this technology extensively. Even though tracking somebody might sound like an illegal action, good point is that in USA, GPS Act, that is Geo location Privacy and surveillance act, if gets passed then real time tracking would be very easy.

Since GPS Act is yet to be passed, you can still monitor somebody. Want to make sure your kids don’t bunk school ? Want to make sure that your spouse is not lying to you regarding their whereabouts ?? Want to make sure that your employee is not misusing office resources ?? If yes, then a mobile tracking software, such as Spymaster pro cell spy software can be used to track the people and nothing better than revealing the truth. This software will track their phone usage, their location, whom they talk with, with whom they exchange texts/images/ other files, and since it is compatible with most of the phones, tracking is just a step away !

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